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From the single cell, to the multi-complex organs/tissues and systems of our bodies, there is one common factor - movement. Any compromise to this movement will have an effect/consequence on health & well-being.

The Hallmark of all life is MOVEMENT MovES Ltd

Any movement pattern which promotes sustained tension has predictable outcomes. Sustained Tension leads to Cumulative Strain which leads to Tissue Adaptation and eventually Injury.

Most people know and recognise that a tense body is more likely to sustain an acute injury, but perhaps the longer term (chronic) effects are less considered? Think of the musculoskeletal aches and pains people experience throughout the years - and how it is almost an expectation that this will happen as we 'get older' - but, should it be?

  • A significant amount of chronic musculoskeletal injuries (from mild aches and pains to severely disabling) are the result of sustained tension and cumulative strain.
  • Many past movement strategies actually promoted sustained tension and cumulative strain (e.g. bend your knees, keep your back straight)
  • Many current movement strategies/therapies continue to promote sustained tension and cumulative strain.
  • Many of the every-day, habitual movements we have learned involve sustained tension and promotion of cumulative strain.
  • Sustained tension and cumulative strain can be greatly reduced and possibly even eradicated from human movements.

Who would benefit from HNMS Health Promotion talks?

Anyone and Everyone!

  • Does the way I move influence my health and well-being?
  • Are aches and pains solely attributed to 'getting older'?
  • At what stage of an 'injury' do we normally feel pain?
  • Can changes to my current way of moving really offer therapeutic benefits?
  • Why do so many people suffer from musculoskeletal problems? (back, knees, neck, hips, etc)

These are just some of the questions answered during Health Promotion talks. HNMS Health Promotion talks and sessions aim to increase knowledge and awareness of how movement has direct consequences to health and well-being.

  • We all move
  • We all have the potential of inducing musculoskeletal injury
  • We all have the potential of reducing musculoskeletal injury

Awareness is the start of change towards a healthier future.