Moving & Handling (People Handling): 1 Day
Overview of HNMS People Handling Refresher Course


Course Overview
This course is intended for people who have previously attended a two-day course on Client-Specific training based on the Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement (NMAHM)®, within the past two years.


  • To review and remind participant awareness on the causes of musculoskeletal injury
  • To review and enhance participant knowledge/skills associated with client moving/movement
  • To reinforce methods of safer practise in the workplace
  • To offer participants opportunities to assess their own health and well-being through analysis of their habitual movement pattern


  • Participants will be reminded of current Laws and Regulations and Controversial Practices
  • Participants will have opportunities to explore their current movement and client-handling skills
  • Participants will have opportunities to further develop their Moving & Handling Problem Solving skills

Course Content

  • How musculoskeletal injury occurs
  • How to prevent/minimise injury
  • Risk Assessment
  • Condemned/Controversial Practices
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Problem Solving Activities
  • Demonstration and Supervised Practise
  • Neuromuscular Conditioning