What is the Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement®?

lesley crozier sheila cozens

The origins of the Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement (NMAHM)® can be traced back to the early 1930's and the work of T.McClurg Anderson.

The NMAHM® was first authored and further developed by John Vasey [MCSP, DipTP] and Lesley Crozier [MCSP DipTP, MHPCR, Assoc. of Institute of Biology] in the 1980's, and more recently Lesley Crozier and Sheila Cozens [BSc(Hons), MCSP, MHPCR, Lic Ac, Cert Ed, AssocMember ICAK(UK), Certificated Coach (Personal/ Life; Corporate & Executive)], who continue its development.

Lesley and Sheila currently operate MovES Ltd (Movement Education Services Ltd); who offer a range of NMAHM® educational pathways.

The Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement (NMAHM)® is a holistic, integrated and systematic study of human movement and its consequences, both positive and negative.

The Hallmark of all life is movement MovES Ltd

The NMAHM® promotes efficient movement and risk reduction by offering opportunities for directed self assessment of existing movement patterns, and methods of applying 'new' efficient patterns/methods of movement: including Core Patterning, Specific Conditioning, Indirect Handling and Conditioned Reach.

The NMAHM® recognises that most adults are carrying injury through their habitual movement pattern.

Underpinning the NMAHM® is Neuromuscular Conditioning (Core Pattern and Specific Conditioning). This Conditioning promotes/reinforces efficient movement, increases sensitivity & awareness and physiological relaxation and offers holistic, therapeutic benefits.

The Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement® offers a methodology that can minimise and/or eradicate many of the 'unnecessary' tensions and risks linked to the development/onset of musculoskeletal injury.

MovES Academy of Neuromuscular Approach Studies (MANAS)
In October 2009, MANAS was established with the aims of providing a resource for the ongoing review and development of the NMAHM®, and the promotion and dissemination of the NMAHM® in self-care and care of others by suitably qualified practitioners across the various fields of professional movement practice.

Any person offering Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement® services (i.e. Moving & Handling Courses/Training, Therapies, etc) or passing on information originating from the Approach® must be registered with MANAS, and it is strongly advised that any purchaser of services should contact MANAS to ensure that the provider is an authentic and registered member.