What Highland Neuromuscular Movement Services can offer you


Highland Neuromuscular Movement Services (HNMS) are focused around reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury and increasing health and well-being through the promotion of human movement awareness and the implementation of efficient movement. HNMS offer a range of services for individuals and organisations.



* Modules are only available to those who have previously undertaking the 2 Day Induction/Core module.

Health Promotion
Health promotion talks and sessions are available to individuals or groups of people who wish to increase their awareness of human movement and its consequences on Health & Well-being. Whether you are a school, college, company or individual, talks can be arranged to meet your needs.

Why use HNMS?

Many movement strategies have no recognised origins and/or offer technique-based solutions.

Human movement is a complex integration of physiological, anatomical, developmental, psychological, cultural and biomechanics factors. Having defined origins allows a system/method to offer validity to the information it is disseminating.

Highland Neuromuscular Movement Services uses a named, principle-based methodology of Human Movement - the Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement®. The Approach® is person-centred, has origins and definition and was derived from a holistic study of human movement and its consequences.

Many movement strategies are currently only based on mechanics, and offer technique-based training. Mechanics alone will never offer or promote a safer system of work and/or a personal reduction in musculoskeletal injury. Also, from the research of Dr. Sue Hignett, M.Erg.S M.C.S.P. Eur.Erg, technique-based training has been shown not to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injury.

HNMS courses take into account the abilities of each individual, their previous/current health status and the potential risks attributed to that individual due to their health and well-being.